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RS Smart WiFi Beacon

It allows the automatic triggering of web pages on a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop, ... Facilitates the navigation of your visitors by an automatism of their device, they must not intervene by searching and clicking, or only to intentionally launch audio, video or animation files if they are not automatic from the pages self. As WiFi works in multi channels, your device will instantly show the right page triggered by our Beacon and will download the content through your public or private WiFi.

Instead of Bluetooth Beacon, our WiFi beacon has a wider range, and each beacon can be individually power adapted (triggering distance) through settings to manage the flow of your visitors. Size of our WiFi Beacon is 10 x 5 cm. It should be connected to a 220V source and is very low consumption (in sleep 0.5 W, in action 0.7 W).