Computers emerging period

Since 1982, the founders, Pierre Fontaine (IT) and Jacques Lepot (electronics engineer) discover, learn and master the computer and graphics as well as the concept of services during their own training and career environment. The first tools (mini/mainframe, dedicated computers, and other hardware and graphics workstations) saw their evolution to suit the needs to meet the burgeoning demand. Then come PCs and networks.

Multimedia period

In 1995, the company Reality Media SPRL is created by these two partners to address the off-line and on-line and allows first complete achievements to emerge (CD-I, CD-ROMs, WEB sites). In early 1996, our offices have their own pool of internet servers and their own permanent digital lines on the network, allowing the testing of computer graphics and computer technology constantly evolving. For the records, the first 24H webcam of south Belgium was also installed in our office’s window near the Guillemins rail Station. From 1996 to 2000, the internal IT park increased to twenty stations (PC, Unix, Linux, Mac), and nearly a dozen online servers (50% internal, 50% external) to meet any requiring. This in addition to the installed base within our customers / partners offices. In 2001, Reality Media, Official Domains agent, offers applications and development for internet / intranet, and manages more than 300 domain names. In parallel, the R & D after the customized PhotoNet / VideoNet, develops the range of SBAC (Single Board Audio Computer) and GIDI (GIga DIgital jukebox) mediaplayers for digital audio MP3. In late 2001, Reality Media sprl reinforces for the 3rd millennium, became Reality Media SA, saw its capital grow at 143,500 euro to allow new developments / investments and welcomes new shareholders (Pascal Erpicum and Raphael de Gerlache). The team climbed from 5 to 8 collaborators. In 2002, Reality Media SA becomes Reality Sys SA. A subsidiary, Reality Media, was created in partnership with CIBLE Communication SA to target the "e-communication" and continue the Net story.

Electronic Period

Reality Sys company priorities are then designing and manufacturing electronic audiovisual systems targeting specific markets. First of all the museums and tourist areas, then street furniture and public places, then the alarm and industrial safety (M2H - machine to human interface), then the world of transportation (coaches, buses, boats, trains, elevators, subways). A range of around ten products were then developed to address precisely these markets. In recent years, the number of devices manufactured by Reality Sys growth from tens to thousands. The company is closely working with a dozen partners and subcontractors, most in the south of Belgium. Since 2012, the R & D design new electronic controllers for automated LED lighting control, and in 2013 new intelligent mediaplayers devices for interactive image/video. We also design and produce some third parties electronic boards or devices including a few sensors and Radio/WiFi/3-4G telecommunication. On average 60% ​​of our production is exported. We work today with around thirty partners / resellers in fifteen countries, including Denmark, Finland, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, ...). Technologies continue to evolve, and our products also allowing us to stay one step ahead of the requirements of current and future markets.

The founders

Pierre FontaineBorn 10/25/1958

Educational background:
Latin-Mathematics Education (College school) + 1 year special math)
Flying cursus (Private + Professional Pilot License)
Computer Training (Graduate, Institute St Laurent, Liege)
Commercial Training (Eric Krauthamer Training, Switzerland)

Professional background:
Military service in the tele-communications section (5TTR)
Europcar (car rental) Liège agency management
Siemens Nixdorf Computer (IT Solutions): SME sales management in Wallonia
Hogadata Benelux (Hospitality Business): Sales Manager Benelux
Hogadata France: Hotel Information Systems subsidiary, USA: Foundation and Management.
Co-Founder, Managing Director of Reality Media sprl
Co-Founder, CEO of Reality Sys SA.

Mathematics, tele-communications (army), navigation (air), IT, telecoms, networks, Minitel, ... then of course Multimedia and Internet

Key creative periods:
- 85-90: first Audiovisual Integration in IT network applications
- 89-94: first database applications online (Minitel booking)
- 93-99: Performing first CD-Roms with voice recognition and TTS (L & H)
- 95-02: On line of more than 300 websites and web applications
- 98-01: Implementation of SBAC (Single Board Computer Audio), first IDE HD MP3player
- 2018: Over 6,000 electronic devices produced with over 5,000 for export.

Jacques LepotBorn 01/22/1959

Educational background:
Mathematics Education (College School, Liege)
Civil Engineer + cybernetics (University of Liège)
Certificate in Education (High School Agregate)

Professional background:
Researcher for E.S.A.
Research & Development E.V.S.
Founder and director of the company Zzero sprl
Co-Founder, Technical Director of Reality Media sprl
Co-Founder and CTO of Reality Sys SA
Electronic & computer Professor in High School

Mathematics, computers, cyber engineering, electronics, R & D and broadcast graphics, technology education, networking, OS and software ... then of course multimedia and Internet

Key creative periods:
- 85-93: first worldwide rotoscoping and video editing at EVS
- 93-99: Performing first CD-I then CD-Roms with voice recognition and TTS (L & H)
- 95-02: On line of more than 300 websites and web applications
- 98-01: Design SBAC (Single Board Computer Audio), first IDE HD MP3player
- 2018: Over 6,000 electronic devices produced with over 5,000 for export.