Our R&D department can research and develop a prototype or a mass-production of different electronic devices. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


Robots competition, design and production.

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Speed Test at Euro Space Center

It works with a few difficulty levels, and for 1 or 2 players, or even, in Duel

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IoT - A smart beeper to call your clients

Beeper box starts flashing to the customer concerned, and start to buzz without action after a while.

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IoT - Smart measuring box with M2M 3G modem

Predictive maintenance to assess equipment behaviour and detect early-warning signs of failure. Remotely controlled using an intuitive and easy to use secured web platform.

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Modulation, wireless transmission

It works with a few meters between the 2 devices

View the sounds

Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer.

Analog and Digital Telecommunications

Compare analog and digital communication from a transmitter to a receiver visualized through a LED strip data lights

Mechanical television

John Baird, Nipkow's disk Mechanical television or mechanical scan television is a television system that relies on a mechanical scanning device, such as a rotating disk with holes in it or a rotating mirror, to scan the scene and generate the video signal, and a similar mechanical device at the receiver to display the picture.

Ear experience

Low level sounds will shake the internal ear

Escape game

1 player enter in the U-boat in darkness, other players help through night-vision camera and screens. Another screen makes the game customizable

Oculus Rift Experiences

Virtual journey on a fast moto machine.

Electronic complexed Pool table

Electronic by Reality Sys (board-computer, software, screens, sounds, LED, speakers and accessories)

Urban Interactive Furnitures

Information, advertising, security, ... devices

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Time Slice Cameras management

Also called bullet time, time freeze, camera array, frozen moment shot, ... Multi cameras installations with automatic synchronization, capture and animated video rendering.

Automatic sounds and lights environment

Several sounds and lights dimmering sources makes a real live experience.

Audio, Visual, Lights Electronic bicycles

A few interactive bikes experiences. Add sounds effects, screens effects, motorized devices, and/or LED Lights effects to standard or tailor made bicycles.

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Leisure park attractions

Some bBox, a few µBox, and a multichannel in a rack to automatically play a lot of sounds in a few places of attraction.

Automatic pictures publishing

A complete shot & print system. It allows to print a Newspaper with automatic insert of choosen pictures.

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2 models available:

Multichannel Mixer Player : 8 separate MP3 players with each independant self control, and a single lineout 2 x Mono Chinch. -Multichannel Multi Player : 8 separate MP3 players with each independant self control, and 8 line out 2 x Mono Chinch (1 per player).

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Water Temperature Digital Controler

This device allows water temperature optimization (e.g. avoid risk of freeze), and, integrates an audio alarm system. Optionaly, allows also automatic sending of phone calls via an embedded mobile cell phone caller.

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Voice Calendar 1

When touching the YES, you hear the current date and time. When touching the YES again, you hear the recorded sentences of a few artists questions and the answers of Villeglé.

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Voice Calendar 2

When touching the turnable center disk, you hear the current date and time. When touching the disk again, you hear the recorded sentence of and with artist Combas's voice.

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Voice Calendar 2

When touching the box, you hear the current date and time. When touching the box again, you hear randomly one of the 200 recorded sentences of and with artist Ben Vautier's voice.

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MP3 Player XL

For home or office, a standalone unit available with a choice of hard disk sizes, power supply unit and remote control. You will love this well designed MP3 player.

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MP3 Player MS

Especially to be used in cars, trucks, boats in fact any vehicle, as well as with Home Automation applications (e.g. as Crestron sound/music device).

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MP3 Player PRO

For professional use (Hospitality Business: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars,...; Radio/TV stations; Events/Exhibitions; DJs/Disco; high-end HiFi; Studio work; etc...)

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Automated Sounds & Lights show

Fully automated outside sounds & lights show. Automatically clock directed, or manually wireless through any PC/LapTop. Our electronic devices use our software to program and time schedule the show.

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