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Perfect Solution for public areas, exhibitions, POS, stations, scenographical concept,animatronic, security, waiting rooms, leisure parcs...

bBox is a professional mp3 player / repeater with integrated power amplifier, dedicated to stand-alone interactive sound installations.

Just add 1, 2 or more speakers, a supply source and it is ready to play.
Add one to 4 triggers, or more, and it is an interactive announcement system.

Up to 2 hrs of messages or music with only a 32 Mb flash card. Up to 1GB available !


It advantageously replaces CD reader or audio tape. Highly reliable, without any mechanical component,this system can diffuse stereo hi-fi music and messages 24 hours/day.

Compression rate: from 32kb/s up to 256kb/s and VBR
High Power 2X30W, down to 2 ohm, allows multi speakers.
Very efficient for special effects (waterfall, thunder...)
Full output protection against short-circuit.
Opto isolated trigger inputs.
Thermal protection.
Protection against polarity inversion.
Mode of operation configurable from switches, and in voice assisted mode.
Operating parameters saved into flash memory.

Automatic start playing any track by contact closure.
Available in TIGRAM compatible network version (RS485).
Easy install with standard din rail clip.

This product does includes mp3 decoder licence.

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