Electronic tailor made interactive solutions

Speed Test at Euro Space Center

It works with a few difficulty levels, and for 1 or 2 players, or even, in Duel



Modulation, wireless transmission

It works with a few meters between the 2 devices


Proflow II

View the sounds

Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer.


Proflow II

Analog and Digital Telecommunications

Compare analog and digital communication from a transmitter to a receiver visualized through a LED strip data lights



Mechanical television

John Baird, Nipkow's disk

Mechanical television or mechanical scan television is a television system that relies on a mechanical scanning device, such as a rotating disk with holes in it or a rotating mirror, to scan the scene and generate the video signal, and a similar mechanical device at the receiver to display the picture.



Escape game

1 player enter in the U-boat in darkness, other players help through night-vision camera and screens.
Another screen makes the game customizable



Ear experience

Low level sounds will shake the internal ear


Electronic complexed Pool table

Electronic by Reality Sys (board-computer, software, screens, sounds, LED, speakers and accessories)



Oculus Rift Experiences

Virtual journey on a fast moto machine.



Time Slice Cameras management

Also called bullet time, time freeze, camera array, frozen moment shot, ...

Multi cameras installations with automatic synchronization, capture and animated video rendering.

Leisure park

Leisure park attractions

Some bBox, a few µBox, and a multichannel in a rack to automatically play a lot of sounds in a few places of attraction.



Automatic sounds and lights environment

Several sounds and lights dimmering sources makes a real live experience.

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