VILLEGLE - Voice Calendar
This product is based on TouchMP3 board. The box design is made with Art&Acier (Artists Marketing & Management).

Include in the box we have added a Speaker and a battery pack. An external 9V power supply is used to load the batteries.
When touching the YES letters, you hear the current date and time. When touching the YES again, you hear randomly one of a few artist questions and the answers of Jacques Villegl�.

Some characteristics
Recording Format : Digital mp3, 32->256kbs + vbr,
Sample frequency : 22khz and 44khz, mono and stereo.
Bandwith (-3db): 20 - 20khz
Output impedance : > 2Ω
Separate stereo : > 58db
S/N : > 92db
Track access time : < 100ms
Output Power 5W RMS on 2Ω
Interfaces: Sensor touch zone
Recording media: Flash card SD/MMC
Recording duration :
MMC Card Hq voice + music CD  quality
64MB  4 h 3 h 80 min
128MB 8 h 6 h 160 min
256MB 16 h 12 h 5h 30 min
512MB 32 h 24 h 11 h
1GB 64 h 48 h 22 h
2GB 128 h 96 h 44 h