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Touch & Play - Perfect Solution to add interactive sounds started by touching.

Just touch the sensitive wire, or any metallic items connected to this wire/sensor.
TouchMP3 is a micro Juke box (4" size), based on a RISC processor and mp3 DSP, including a realtime clock/calendar and onboard mono amplifier.

It uses SD/MMC memory cards for messages and sounds storage. These memory cards can be easily loaded via any PC using a standard USB or internal reader-writer. No special software needed. Already up to 4 hrs of messages or music with 64 Mb.

Advantages :

Compatible with all compression rates from 32kb/s up to 256 kb/s as well as VBR.
It can be started by a simple touch contact for instant access to the track.
Very low power needs, it could be used only with batteries (4xAA 1500 maH), with an external power supply of 5V, or even with batteries and an external power supply of 9V to reload batteries.
Storage from 64MB to 4GB now, 8GB soon.
The onboard socket allow to add a 3V Lithium battery to keep internal system powered for no break clock/calendar applications.
Very attractive price for large installations.
Audio settings stored into flash.

This product does includes mp3 decoder licence.