Quantity production only, minimum 100 units
For home or offices places

With 60GB you can record up to 1000 hours of MP3 music.
- or you can store up to 1200 CDs
- or you can store up to 15000 song titles.
GIDI is also a giant external USB drive to store and retrieve your data files easily !

How to use

With this player you no longer have to worry about bringing your CD collection along on a trip or to worry about scratched, lost and stolen CD's.
You can remove all your music files from your PC and listen to them wherever and whenever you want.
With the simple USB interface you can upload your songs quickly.


When connected to your computer, the GIDI XL performs just like a normal hard-drive. So you can also use GIDI XL as an external drive for your computer!
Playing GIDI music is as simple as using a CD player or a tape deck, but so much faster, you have direct access to thousands of tracks with the remote control
There is no need to rewind or to load and unload K7 or discs to go from Beethoven to Miles Davis, you've got everything at hand from the sofa!

Technicals Specifications
  • Uses standard 3.5'' IDE drive - Pre-installed
  • Sees by the computer as another hard-drive when hooked up via USB
  • Supports MP2 and MP3 from 80-256 bit rates (including VBR)
  • Can be control from distance with an IR remote control (included)
  • Has Built-in audio adjustments
  • Has a large, easy to read from distance, LCD
  • Displays track/directory information, play mode
  • Offers various play modes, including randomization
  • Has a built in playlist managment, without needing the PC
  • Gives a complete index, which allows you to access to any of your thousand of tracks with a single number keyed in on the remote control
  • Starts in about 5 seconds !
  • Works also as a portable USB hard-drive! (with NO 32GB LIMITATION!)
  • Has audio outputs on standard 3.5mm jack and standard RCA "chinch "
  • Has a formatted capacity available now from 20GB to 120GB
  • Height 55mm Width 260mm Depth 220mm
  • Weight (with packaging) : 3,300 Kg = 1,50 Lb
Optional accessories
Remote Control with Digits

Remote Control with Digits

Included with the GIDI XL - there is no need to rewind or to load and unload K7 or discs to go from Beethoven to Miles Davis, all are at your fingertips, from the sofa. The use of digits allow you to Direct Access to your choice (GidiDexr software allow you to print a list guide with an automatic numbering of your whole GIDI Hard-Disk).

Remote Control Mini

Remote Control Mini

Optional device - same functionalities as the previous RC but without digits. Same buttons that GIDI XL Front Panel one).