Quantity production only, minimum 100 units
For heavy duty professionals applications

This device is the digital audio server of the future.

How to use

With this player you no longer have to bring along a CD collection in public places or to worry about scratched, lost or stolen CD's. Extremely convenient for public places, it can play music round the clock 7 days a week. With the simple USB interface you can update audio files quickly. Playing GIDI music is as simple as using a CD player or a tape deck, but so much faster. You have instant access to thousands of tracks with the remote control There is no need to rewind or to load and unload K7 or discs to go from Beethoven to Miles Davis, you've got everything at hand, from the sofa!


Using the latest advances in hardware and software technology, the GIDI Pro jukebox allows you to store and to listen to over weeks of high quality stereo music. Do not mistake this for one of the MP3 players which hold a maximum of two CD's worth of music, Imagine, no need to choose which CD's you want to store as you can store your whole CD collection, no need to pack an extra bag of music equipment when you go on vacation, or at a "Barbq party". There is enough space for about 400 CD's in our smallest device and up to 2.500 CD's in the biggest one (120GB) all with CD quality compression.

To listen to your music anywhere, you just need your home stereo system (or stereo headphones); you can even plug it into active speakers with an adapter (standard 3.5mm jack to standard RCA "chinch") The GIDI Pro jukebox is provided with everything to get started, it is even provided with a free pre-loaded music sampler so you can enjoy it as soon as you get it.

Easy to use and set up with your personal computer, Once connected to your computer, you can start loading your own MP3's immediately, you do not need any special software, you just have to create files in the GIDI as you do with your computer and then, drag and drop MP3 files to the GIDI !

Technicals Specifications
  • Uses standard 3.5'' IDE drive - Pre-installed
  • Sees by the computer as another hard-drive when hooked up via USB
  • Supports MP2 and MP3 from 80-256 bit rates (including VBR)
  • Can be control from distance with an IR remote control (included)
  • Has Built-in audio adjustments
  • Has a large, easy to read from distance, LCD
  • Displays track/directory information, play mode
  • Offers various play modes, including randomization
  • Has a built in playlist managment, without needing the PC
  • Gives a complete index, which allows you to access to any of your thousand of tracks with a single number keyed in on the remote control
  • Starts in about 4 seconds, with the last used titles/parameters (and stop securly in less, 3sec !).
  • Audio outputs on standard RCA "chinch"
  • Has a formatted capacity available now from 20GB to 120GB
  • Std Rack : Height 1U (45 mm) Width 19" (482 mm) Depth 255 mm
  • Weight (with packaging) : 4,300 Kg = 1,95 Lb
Optional accessories
External Display Planel

External Display Planel

Optional External Display device (same external Display that the one used with GIDI MS).

Palm OS

Palm OS

You may use a Palm device (or compatible Palm OS as HandSpring/Visor), to manage your GIDI as a Remote Control Mini (5 big buttons on your screen), or as the Remote Control with digits (Direct Access), and use our GidiDexr software to display all your songs/artists. You can also search and find your desired specific titles among others (e.g. writing "MAD" in search field gives you all of Madness titles then Madonna ... and so on). A serial port adapter is required !

Serial Port Adapter

Serial Port Adapter

Optional device

Music/Song/Speech server : GIDI could be used via a network connection as well. You may order our optional "Serial Port" device (to be connected in place of GIDI Display slot).

House Automation : for use with a House Automation system (e.g. CRESTRON), GIDI will be a slave, House Automation display/screen will allow you to navigate through archives and menu (as well as GIDI front panel).

Kiosk Applications : use a GIDI with your own application/Design with external management through this Serial Port.

GIDI Serial Port will also allow you to control GIDI through SMS (Small Message System from GSM Mobile Phone or from the internet).

Mini Remote Control

Mini Remote Control.

Included with GIDI PRO - There is no need to rewind or to load and unload K7 or discs to go from Beethoven to Miles Davis, you've got everything at hand. Same buttons as those on the Front Panel. You could become a dancing DJ !

Remote Control with Digits

Remote Control with Digits

Optional device - The use of digits gives you Direct Access to your choice (GidiDexr software enables you to print a guide list with an automatic numbering of your whole GIDI Hard-Disk).