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A new conception of guided tour : a handheld phone equipped with an on board Flash Card (SD/MMC) with stored audio information can be consulted on user request.

A Japanese, a Greek and a German stop in front of a painting of Pablo Picasso. With an eGuide in the hand, they observe and admire his work. A not necessarily abstract scene.


With this handset guide, you don't have to worry anymore about multilingual guide availability for your visitors. They now can be provided with relevant information about what they're watching ! They can walk around as they want but receive on request explanations. All they have to do is to dial the number of the desired comment !

As easy as a phone call but much more than a phone call!


The eGuide is easy to use : dial the number of the desired comment just like a phone number and press play. That's all. The key pad has an acoustical feedback which prevents wrong dialling.

On board audio HELP is available (usually 900#) for the users in their own language.

The information is recorded on SD/MMC in the universal file format for PC-compatible (Windows/FAT). So the cards can be recorded with any PC and their content can be updated in the same way ! All you have to do is to remove the card from the guide, put it into the usb reader, copy the files and replace the card into the guide. You do not need any special equipment or software except a SD/MMC reader !

Its integrated VLSI digital audio decoder allows not only the reproduction of compressed mp3 files with data rate of 32 Kb/s to 256Kb/s in mono or stereo including VBR.

The eGuide is shock and vibration resistant.

The eGuide is made up of electronic components born of the most advanced technologies. It works with a RISC-LV processor which gives it power and flexibility. It is powered by rechargeable long-lasting Ni-MH batteries (1000 cycles), and equipped with an intelligent power management which with its low energy consumption due to electronics and LV technology gives it a huge autonomy (from 20 hours to more than 40 hours).