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Perfect Solution for the replacement of CD and K7 for hifi sound needs within public areas.

PicoJB is a micro Juke box (4" size) with high performances, based on a RISC processor and mp3 DSP.

MMC memory cards (multi-media cards) for messages and music storage. These MMC can be easily loaded via any PC using a standard USB reader-writer.No special software needed. Up to 4 hrs of messages or music with 64 Mb.

Advantages :
  • Compatible with all compression rates from 32kb/s up to 256 kb/s as well as VBR.
  • It can be controlled by switches, a 4x4 matrix keyboard , or from 1 to 5 simple contacts, for instant access to a track.
  • Can automatically loop back on track one, after playing another track.
  • PicoJB can also be remotely controlled via a serial port.
  • Commands like Play, Next, Prev, Stop, Pause, Goto, Volume, Speed, ...
  • are excutable thanks to a very simple serial protocol.
  • Very low power needs (6V), allows it to be used outdoor with solar cells.
  • Lot of accessories available for triggering.
  • Can be integrated in minutes into any device or furniture.
  • Very easy to interface from simple switches trigger to complex DMX512 remote control.
  • Storage from 32MB to 1GB.
  • Very attractive price for large installations.
  • On the field dip switch configuration and audio settings stored into flash.
  • This product does includes mp3 decoder licence.