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Perfect Solution for the replacement of CD and K7 for hifi sound needs within public areas.

PicoJB is a micro Juke box (4" size) with high performances, based on a RISC processor and mp3 DSP.

MMC memory cards (multi-media cards) for messages and music storage. These MMC can be easily loaded via any PC using a standard USB reader-writer.No special software needed. Up to 4 hrs of messages or music with 64 Mb.


Compatible with all compression rates from 32kb/s up to 256 kb/s as well as VBR.
It can be controlled by switches, a 4x4 matrix keyboard , or from 1 to 5 simple contacts, for instant access to a track.
Can automatically loop back on track one, after playing another track.
PicoJB can also be remotely controlled via a serial port.
Commands like Play, Next, Prev, Stop, Pause, Goto, Volume, Speed, ...
are excutable thanks to a very simple serial protocol.
Very low power needs (6V), allows it to be used outdoor with solar cells.
Lot of accessories available for triggering.
Can be integrated in minutes into any device or furniture.
Very easy to interface from simple switches trigger to complex DMX512 remote control.
Storage from 32MB to 1GB.
Very attractive price for large installations.
On the field dip switch configuration and audio settings stored into flash.

This product does includes mp3 decoder licence.

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